KRIS COMMONS has come in for some criticism and seemed to irk the Celtic manager with comments about the defensive situation at the club.

Kris has been having a go at Celtic’s need for defenders but was quick to criticise when they brought in a 32-year-old to play the position in the form of Marvin Compper.

Rodgers took exception to Commins ‘scrutiny’ when it got put to him and moved on swiftly.

Here is Kris Commons defending Brendan Rodgers once upon a time and having a go at people who in his words wanted to have a ‘dig’ at Celtic and the Irishman.

Can the former Celtic player be described as one of those people having a dig now?

Is Kris now doing the same or is his criticism justified?


  1. Kris Commons was one of our best players in the last 10 years , and sometimes looked like the only one to give a fuck , the same bloggers who are quick to condemn him were singing his praises mast years , He is not the only one to question Celtics defensive issues , everyone is doing it , The Celtic Blog fuckhead James Forrest is one .
    The real reason Btendon singled out Commons is because of his relationship with Gerard , or more to the point Gerard’s wife

  2. Honestly close your site down you dishonest, compromised tool of the Celtic board. An ex-Celtic player who clearly has a deep affection for the club, as does his wife, expresses an opinion that is help by 90% of the support and is also help by our manager, who himself is being used by the parsimonious board to calm the increasingly concerned supporters down, and you turn on him. The manage looked as if he had lost it the other day. for a change it was not the press, who have given him an easy time, he was irked by being asked legitimate questions on transfers during the transfer window. If Murty had behaved like Rodgers you would have had a field day. Remember our manager is known as ‘Delusional Brendan’ in England and is still a figure of fun. Indeed it is the reason he is our manager. And this is because of giving ludicrous and quite frankly unstable statements to the media. Or did no one see his interviews in his last three months at Liverpool. Why not write an article asking where the money for players is? why not ask if all money is being diverted to the hotel fund, at the expense of the team, a strategy which could make the hotel the biggest white elephant since Cambuslang, as failure to get to 10 is a disaster for the club. Not to mention the club’s complete surrender on the European front. Why not try asking a few of these questions. Or is someone paying you not to. Cowards angling for a seat in the Directors box. Exactly like the Ibrox bloggers and equally as dangerous to the future of Celtic.

  3. I don’t think Kris said anything that was out if order. He praised Boyata and Simunovic but rightly said he didn’t think they had hit the heights this season.

    Who would argue with this.

  4. He repeatedly sticks boot in to Ronny Delia stating he never got opportunities or fair treatment. He got NO opportunities under Brendan but knew last season he would have been figures of fun if he tried to question Brendan. He is a self centred, egotistically,hypocrite and should be barred from Celtic park and Lennoxtown. A great player for Celtic but his only fondness is for Kris Commons.

  5. The people being abusive on here are the same as the people being abusive towards Commons. It’s ok to agree with Kris and it’s ok to disagree with him.

    Could Celtic do with a defender in my opinion, yes?
    Was Kris Commons clever moaning we bought a 32-year-old defender when one of our best players (Scott Brown) is the same age? No

    People need to get a grip. Just because someone takes an opinion contrary to your own is not grounds for the amount of abuse especially from your man John who clearly has fashioned a tin foil hat for himself with some of the silly comments he makes.

    Kris needs to make noise to further his media career and some are taking exception to this, and all this video is doing is showing Kris once criticised the same people for having a pop.

    • Commons was at times a good player and at times lazy not giving his best.
      He had the all the skills though
      He is no journalist and never will be in my opinion

    • Mick,at last some words of wisdom,as you say nobody agrees with anyone 100% of the time.I myself agree with you regarding Commons,but John,you started off well mate by stating Commons affection for the club and his constructive comments on the frailties of our defence.John then blows it big time imho,by attacking the credentials of our manager and then quoting the truly “delusional”,the disgruntled,yearning for past glories,domestically and in europe,Liverpool fans by
      referencing Brendan as “delusional Brendan” and being looked upon as a figure of fun in England,which in John’s opinion is the only reason Brendan is our manager!!Got to on this occasion agree with Peter’s comment also,John defo needs a nap AND his Nat King.
      That being said John is spot on with his comments on the whereabouts of the cash pile amassed over the last few seasons,and is most of it earmarked for this hotel complex?(nothing wrong with improving the surrounding area of the stadium),if?? decent money was also being spent on improving the squad.
      Just hope Commons does still hold the club in as high a regard as he did along with wife Lisa when at the club and doesn’t go down the Nicholas,Burley and Walker road and down talk everything Celtic at every opportunity all for the MSM coin.
      So come on Kris jump on the Sutton and Hartson bandwagon,tell it like it is,good or bad,but like big John and big Chris always have the clubs back. Hail Hail

  6. I agree with Kris Commons. The ambition of the board is restricted to hotel building brand expansion and the crack cocaine of finding a player for buttons having him stay a season or two and sell for big bucks. How is it that Celtic’s record transfer was almost two decades ago? Don’t give me the old garbage tha players won’t come to Scotland. Top players go to the arse end of Turkey Russia and Greece. Because they get paid. Celtic underpay and play a mean game. Forever content to sit on their laurels until it’s too late.

  7. I agree with Kris Commons we do need a quality CB as both suminovic and boyata and we go and loan out Erik,i will be disappointed if we don’t sign a few more players this month.As squad needs freshened up nobody can deny this instead of having a go at Kris Commons have a go at the club for lack of movement in transfer market

  8. I think that we need better players in as some are just not cutting it in europe get better in and the ones we have will learn from them but just now the way things are going the board are only intrested in taking our cash and keeping it for what we aint being told but the paying fans want better in europe as results are embarrassing for any celtic team HH

  9. Kristen Commons near the end of his career at Celtic played while clearly out of shape, his constant shooting from impossible angles when players were in better positions infuriated many, and right or wrong what about his temper tantrum, think some green tinted glasses worn here

    • Sorry Derek Kris is telling the truth we need quality CB,plus few other players board holding onto money we got rid of one board could do the same again I’m 67yrs old and have followed Celtic home/away and in Europe for 60yrs no green tinted glasses here been season ticket holder about 40yrs

  10. Kris Commons near the end of his career at Celtic played while clearly out of shape, his constant shooting from impossible angles when players were in better positions infuriated many, and right or wrong what about his temper tantrum, think some green tinted glasses worn here

  11. Can’t on the one hand understand why commons says boyota and simonovic are brilliant, then says Celtic need 2 centre backs make up your mind Chris. It is obvious Celtic have been needing 2 top class defenders and in my view another goalkeeper since last may,they can probably get away with it in domestic games but in Europe we are a disgrace and humulation stop messing Celtic fans around and pay the going rate for top players as you have got can start with john mcginn as well

  12. I agree with the main point that Kris has made – we need to make significant signings. Anyone else, including the hosts of this site, should really be looking very closely at themselves and thinking – am I being a bit harsh on KC here ?
    The reason I am saying this ? Kris is being honest, he and his immediate family love Celtic , I do not feel that he has intended to slur Celtic or Mr Rodgers.

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