Unless you’re clinging to the faint hope Brendan Rodgers is going to do an 180-degree turn and start playing Kris Commons ahead of players he’s trusted in so far this season then you’ll come to the acceptance that the 33 year-olds time at Celtic is coming to an end.

The former Scottish international was one of Neil Lennon’s best signings at Celtic in 2011 when he came in for around 300k. In Lennon’s last season with the club, Commons was top goal scorer in a season where the strikers failed to step up entirely.

The player has had his ups and downs at Celtic Park and while there is room for looking back for fondness and we will all remember and appreciate his contributions, it’s time for Kris to move on.

This is why his speculated move to Hibs makes sense for everyone involved. The midfielder is settled in Scotland with his family and would likely be reluctant to move too far afield in search of first team football. Neil Lennon’s Hibernian are just a short trip up the motorway, they are fighting for promotion to the SPFL which would give Kris the challenge he craves and he would hook up with a manager he knows very well.

It’s likely that Neil will be back in for Kris in January. We understand there was interest in the summer but Kris was injured and wanted to try and get into a Brendan Rodgers side. However, this seems unlikely and he may now be more receptive to an offer.

A loan deal would seem the most probable, with Celtic subsidising some of the player’s wages to go play at Easter road.

Kris will still feel he has more to give and Hibernian would be a place to show that.



  1. What a waste of a fantastic player by Celtic.Yes,he’s not super fit and going to “track back”.That shouldn’t be his bloody job! I give you older guys,Andy Ritchie.One of the best players I ever saw.Used to love going down to Greenock to watch Celtic play against him.Pure skill,didn’t like running,tackling etc but worth admission money alone.Who do we play? Nir Bitton with his three yard passes,never a smile.Rogic,can’t even last a full game.There should always be a place for a maverick.Its not as if we’re under pressure?? HH

    • Rob you have hit the nail on the head. Fair enough in Europe Commons may not be ideal for a high press but Jesus give me Kris over Mcgregor l, Armstrong,Bitton et al any day. The man deserves a game before he goes. He’d still walk the Spl, awful pity brawn comes before brain, and that’s not a criticism of Rodgers. Finger crossed we get to see him one more time at paradise, give him the Send off he deserves. A touch of class at a time when we were seriously lacking in quality. Hail hail

    • Far too good for Hibs? Hark at you ya muppet. While were at it you should hang your head in shame at the way your mighty team are treating Sparkie never mind Commons. “Far too good for Hibs”! If ever a smug git needed a nose job it has to be you. Theres better players than Commons worn the Hibs jersey and your mob have bought most of them you clown.

    • Hark at you ya clown. Theres better players than Commons worn the Hibs shirt and in a month he could struggle to get a start in our midfield. Nothing to do with the ability of a 33 yr old but the fact he hasnt kicked a ball in months!!! Same as Sparkie they should be in a Hibs shirt where they will get the respect they deserve. “Too good for Hibs” my backside.

  2. Chris has been the BEST player at Celtic for the past 10 years, he has always been good to watch. But I guess he has done something wrong that management feel that they don’t want him around. He would be good for Hibs, I would prefer to see him play another year at Celtic, but I think Brendan does not want him.

  3. Remember Ritchie very well. Great player. Same type at Hibs was Ally McCleod and hed get pelters from the “faithfull” for being a lazy so and so. Both could pass the ball though and smack in some cracking free kicks.

  4. mentalhibby,you’ll remember George Best at Hibs.Overweight,past his best (obviously) but what a player! Even Celtic fans I was amongst were loving his skills.Still think Lenny should push for Henderson and GMS for you.Both excellent.


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