Kyogo Furuhashi has already captured the imagination of the Celtic fans in the short time he’s been with the club, but the striker still has so many fans in Japan who have followed him throughout his career.

Celtic set up a Japanese social media account so they could communicate with his fanbase in Japan and it already has over 25k followers.

There is a lot of demand for Kyogo content back in his homeland and today the club confirmed there is a 30 minute special on the new Celtic player airing in Japan on Saturday.

Kyogo is a talented footballer but it’s clear to see his personality is what allows people to gravitate to him. He’s all in on the football field and is upset with himself if he doesn’t manage to make a pass properly or tackle to win the ball back – one instance I watched him thumping the ground after winning a tackle but the ball spilling away to another opposition player.

We have a gem in the wee man and we hope his great form continues against St Mirren and onto Alkmaar then Ibrox!

If we get a hold of the Kyogo special with subtitles we will pass it along to our readers.


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