You just couldn’t make it up – while you could because that’s exactly what’s happening.

Kyogo has only been in the door at Celtic since August and he’s done so well, the media are already firing up stories about his Celtic departure.

We’ve not given any of the stories the time of day and the ludicrous Southampton link by Football Fancast has rightly been derided online.

It’s all just silly rumours – but it goes a step further when Kyogo is now having to field questions about his future while away on international duty.

The man from Japan was asked by a Japanese media outlet if he wants to ditch Celtic for a move to the EPL having seen other Japanese players in the EPL.

Kyogo was focused on Celtic and his country and nothing else:

“Many players go from Scotland to the EPL.” Kyogo said, as cited by RecordSport.

“It’s motivating to see Takehiro Tomiyasu do well. Good results could open that path for me, but I have to get results to survive at Celtic and the Japan National Team.

“I want to do the best I can and contribute to (both) teams.”

Furuhashi has hit the ground running at Celtic and it’s natural in a way for players to be linked with moves away but this takes the biscuit.

Give the guy a chance to settle in at Celtic and get some trophies under his belt.



  1. Wake up Celtic fans, if the wee man gets the call from the epl he will be away like a bat out of he’ll. He has as much said so.

    • I doubt it. Where has he said that? Saying he wants to play there in the future doesn’t mean he’s desperate to get awayfrom CP asap!
      Not trying to stereotype here but honour is a huge part of Japanese culture. Kyogo seems an honourable chap, I’m certain he’ll stay at least until the end of the season.
      Besides which they said the same about Henrik every window but he stayed for years! Our club has a magic about it that others can only dream of, and this get to players when they come here. A club like no other, especially not that shambling zombified disgrace across the city….


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