It’s the defining question of our time but is Alfredo Morelos actually better than Henrik Larsson. That’s the question posed by SunSport this week after The Rangers got a credible draw against Feyenoord.

Ever since Henrik graced our game with his world class abilities there has been so many envious detractors trying to gain parity when it comes to the Swedish legends exploits.

Stats can be an incredible powerful tool but it can also be weaponised by the gutter press to create a story or narrative which suits a particular agenda.

After Thursday’s Europa games, The Sun sent out this image.

So Alfredo, including lots of qualifiers has just out scored Henrik Larsson’s best European season. Wow.

The fact that someone felt the need to make this image and has been sitting patiently with their Henrik Larsson stats to try and make a point is as pathetic as the comparison between the two.

I’d take Henrik Larsson right now over yer man at Ibrox.


  1. They wonder how that other Club got Liquidated and Died.Onviously an absolute Stoatered Delusional Sevconian Dreaming about LaLa Land.Comparing Shrekelos to Henke.Aye Nae Bother ffs.The shite these HunZ write to seem Relevant

  2. I actually think it’s offensive to mention that Columbian thug in the same sentence, never mind, the same stat as King of Kings Larsson.

  3. Just another deluded press man trying to sooth himself with the usual crap that they say!!! And thrift million????? Hahahaha hahaha hahahaha.Oh please stop those jokes, my sides are killing me!!!!! Hahahaha hahahaha hahaha.!!!

  4. Sevco drastically need money. They need to make as much money from selling Morelose as is physically possible. Therefore every pundit, paper and ex player is doing they’re part to talk up the price to help out the Squintessentially Bwitish club. If they sell him they’ll say its great for sevco. If they keep him they’ll say its great for sevco. Ignore the papers. Ignore radio stations. Ignore any Bwitish bwogs and keep your sanity. Hail! Hail! 🇮🇪🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🍀


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