When you think of true legends of the game it’s hard to comprehend them having bad days. Adored by millions, a directory of goals, winners medals and record breaking statistics…..why even focus on the negatives?

We went through a recent King of Kings interview with the worlds biggest football magazine Four Four Two. The Celtic legend took his questions from fans around the globe about his dreads, his tongue celebration and one fan wanted to know if a heartbreaking day in Seville was his worse career moment.

Was the 2003 UEFA Cup Final loss to Porto the worst day of your career?

“Yes. We had Porto on the fork – I’d scored two, but we still couldn’t win. That was very hard to take. Winning a European trophy with Celtic would have meant so much to us and the fans. There were so many people who travelled without a ticket – they just wanted to be there in Seville to see us win… [pauses] but we didn’t manage to do it. I still get goosebumps talking about it now. That Porto team went on to win the Champions League. That’s testament to how good a team we had that year.”

Seville will always be remembered with as much pain as pleasure for Celtic fans. Celtic knocked out some top clubs, two of them English on route to the final. As Larsson quite rightly pointed out, Porto won the Champions League the following year which puts coming so close into perspective.

Larsson also speaks about his leg break, his court tussle from Feyenoord to Paradise and some of his favourite Celtic moments. You can read all the questions from the Four Four Two website. 




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