Celtic’s defensive problems have stood out like a sore thumb this season. It became so evident that some Celtic fans must have thought the Club was going to go deep into the coffers to pull out a big name signing.

When is the last time that happened?

Most sensible fans know that they will need to rely on Brendan Rodgers knowledge and experience to bring in the right player. For now, one of those players comes in the shape of Marvin Compper. He hasn’t signed the dotted line yet but it’s expected it will be a done deal today.

Some fans are not happy with mainly two things about this transfer. One is his age, apparently, 32 is too old. The second is he won’t be eligible for European football until next season. The first argument can be settled by his experience but Celtic fans are questioning a player that is 32 and has made less than 300 appearances. You could argue that his appearances are twice the amount of the current Celtic defenders.

His price should be a plus, the reports suggest Celtic will pay between 800k and 1 million pounds for the defender. Some think that’s pretty good business while others feel its a cheap option. Compper may have to come in and make a Lubo style entrance if he wants to win over the Celtic support but we are pretty sure once he pulls on the hoops for his debut the Celtic faithful will all be behind him.


  1. Good age, experienced with good pedigree so let’s give the guy a chance. Seems to be a snobbery in fans now that if your over 30 and don’t cost 4 million + your hopeless before you’ve even started, get a grip HH.

  2. Remember some ‘fans’ had Moussa Dembele written off as the next Amido Balde when he had barely kicked a ball for us! Quite why so-called supporters are so quick to write off a player who hasn’t even signed for us yet is beyond me.


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