There have been overnight reports that Scottish Football is set to ask for more clarity from UEFA over their plans to finish the current season.

Right now, all 55 associations have signed up to finishing their respective leagues by the end of June. However, as the days go by this looks like a fantasy.

With UEFA keen to get the league done and dusted and continue with their own plans for their most lucrative competition, they need winners and losers.

The Scottish game wants guidance on how that should come about.

There is an option the SPFL and other leagues can nominate the club who should go into the European spots. That would mean allowing clubs into the competition who might not finish in a Euro spot in the end up.

The league could also just be cut short and the winners and losers determined by current standings.

RecordSport revealed the internal conversations taking place and the need for more guidance. The paper claims the SPFL are now seeking advice from UEFA about possible end of the season scenarios:

“Football has to face up to reality and quickly.

“The Champions League and the Europa League generate the vast majority of UEFA’s revenues.

“If next year’s competitions are to take place in line with the current timetable for 2020/21, then UEFA need to issue an edict to the 55 national associations, requesting that they inform them who their respective champions are by the 30th of June at the latest.

“For that to happen, the leagues clearly require to be completed or curtailed by then – or else national associations will have to nominate their European clubs with the possibility that different clubs will finish in the qualification positions!

“Given the increasing crackdown on movements by Governments throughout Europe, and when you consider that in Spain and Italy alone you have already had almost 9,000 deaths, it seems unlikely that all the remaining European games this season will be able to be played by 30 June.

“The death tolls are only going in one direction – and very, very rapidly.

“At times like these football needs to hold onto a sense of perspective. Hopefully UEFA takes a stance and fast.”

At some point, tough decisions about our game will have to be made.