The Rangers B vs Celtic B has been postponed, not by anybody else but by the Ibrox club themselves.

The reason for doing so in an official statement on their website is because they want a big crowd to be supporting the B team. The Ibrox club clearly feel something is lost by not having having fans in the stadium.

Rewind to the 22nd of December and the same club we’re not in favour of an early winter break that would give fans the best chance of seeing these games further down the line. The Ibrox club held the position the show should go on without fans.

It’s almost as if they fancied playing at Celtic Park and Pittodrie without supporters present to get their own boost. Listen, I have no issue with that rational but don’t dress it up as anything other than self-interest.

Celtic we’re in favour of closing for the winter break early and riding out the next three weeks or so before hopefully welcoming more than 500 fans back to the stadium.

The B team Derby was scheduled to go ahead at Ibrox with a bumper crowed and again, it makes sense to postpone the tie.

However, when you don’t know what you stand for and your opinion changes depending on which way the wind is blowing, you’re bound to find yourself being a hypocrite more often than not.


  1. The creature known as ” hun” is just a weirdo! We all know it’s always been thus! Wouldnt even play that posion given the chance!


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