In one of the worse seasons of SFA incompetence, the boys at headquarters are not done yet. Last weeks Glasgow derby had its usual assault on Scott Brown moment. The Celtic captain was very very clearly elbowed on the chin by Jon Flanagan.

The ref saw the off the ball assault on Brown but only gave a yellow card. His position was behind the attack so you could give him the benefit of the doubt if you’re feeling generous. But you would hope the Association with all the time in the world could come to some sort of justified and rational punishment. But this is the SFA you are dealing with.

Today an independent panel just lifted the threat of any suspension after the Ibrox player was offered a two-match ban previously. Flanagan will now be free to face Kilmarnock at Rugby Park on Sunday.

The amount of mind-boggling decisions this season from the SFA is very worrying for fans of all clubs.


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