This might be an unpopular opinion, but I believe our number one keeper, Craig Gordon is vastly underrated within our support.

He gets massively criticised during and after games, deservedly some of the time, for his poor distribution but I don’t think he deserves a lot of the criticism he gets.

When Brendan came to Celtic, Gordon had been a professional goalkeeper for 15 years. Trying to teach an old dog new tricks is always going to be difficult. It’s sort of like trying to teach Scott Brown to become a 20 goal a season striker; it’s going to be tough.

I don’t think Gordon does too bad with his distribution of play. For example, our goal of the season last season, involved every single player touching the ball which shows he is capable of it. It’s an even bigger testament to Craig as a goalkeeper that Rodgers has stuck with him because of his shot stopping, overlooking the manager’s much-publicised need for his goalkeepers to be good with their feet.

Sometimes the Scottish International does take too long trying to distribute the ball before punting it upfield, which from time to time he does deserve criticism for but we do need to remember he is a goalkeeper and is there to do what he is good at, stop goals.

In many a game, Gordon has pulled out some top class saves to either win us a game or get us a point. He has had a few already this season against Rangers* and Hibs which I’m sure you could argue, kept us in the game or won us the points

Sometimes I do get frustrated like many other fans with how long Gordon takes to distribute the ball. However, I genuinely believe he is doing an excellent job as Celtic’s No.1 goalkeeper and there can’t be many goalkeepers out there (that we could afford) who would be able to do much better when in the position.

Lewis Laird


  1. Gordon is a brutal keeper,as for all the top class saves its lucky most are hit at him he doesn’t have to move his feet .the sevco keeper made a far better save from forrest in that last game we played against them and he’s pish .
    His kicking is atrocious ,has no command of his area ,rushing of his line is comical and always has a bit too much to say for himself for a guy with as many howlers if not more than efe ambrose
    Need better

  2. What a load of rubbish, we should hope that he is good for another two or three years for us, I just wish we had him for the EUFA Cup Final in 2003. Does anyone seriously think that we could get a keeper who is excellent at distribution, commands his penalty area and is a brilliant shop stopper? How many keepers in world football can really do all that?
    Think back to Andy Goram, voted as Rangers greatest ever keeper, a brilliant shot stopper, but not so good in the air or commanding his penalty box.
    Just be thankful we have Craig Gordon even if he does have the odd weakness.

  3. Having seen the immediate alternative briefly last season (DeVries) I’d prefer Gordon until we can replace him. At best he’s a six yard box keeper. Anytime he comes out beyond this he looks uncomfortable. His red cards illustrate this.
    His poor distribution is a consequence of the managers insistence that we play out from the back. This seems to be driven by a desire to emulate Pep at Man City. Even Pep had to shop around to replace his original preference who belongs in a circus.

    Jock Stein said the game should be played in the opponents half. That’s where games are won. Virgil van Dyck is one of the few recent Celtic defenders who displayed any confidence on the ball. Apart from KT we currently lack defenders with skill or confidence on the ball.
    Good keepers are hard to find. One’s who can reach the opponents half when they kick are even more rare. Replacing both keepers should be a priority.
    As should playing more attacking football rather than faffing around at the back and drawing pressure in areas where we are weaker.


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