Former Ibrox player KEVIN MUSCAT spoke to Optus Sport as part of David Davutovic’s piece on the trials and tribulations of Ange Postecoglou at his former managerial posts.

Davutovic echoes the sentiments of so many people who have followed Ange closely throughout his career. There’s always rocky road the manager navigates before his teams really come into their own.

The difference, or the perceived difference at Celtic is there’s less time to get things right before major questions are asked of the manager.

There has been dissenting voices already, murmurs from the less patient in our support, being egged on by the headline makers in the press.

The same ones who Kevin Muscat describes as ‘lazy’ when it came to their reaction of Ange Postecoglou signing for Celtic:

“It was interesting from afar, I was in Scotland for a period of time. Listening and reading (the commentary), everything was predictable in the media,” Muscat said.

The commentary around Ange’s arrival was sheer laziness and ignorance. It’s easy, it’s human nature. I don’t hold it against them.

“He’s done a tremendous job. Football fans in Scotland are not naïve. They can see, and it’s more the way the fans took to what Ange was doing that changed the (narrative). I’m pleased for him.

“Ange has been a trailblazer. He’s the guy we all look to and want to speak to, every aspiring coach in Australia, Ange is the person we hold for counsel when possible.”

We’re trusting the process and know Ange is working with a lot of issues not many Celtic managers have had to put up with over the years.

Injuries have meant it’s been an even longer bedding in period with the manager not being able to call on his best team.

As we head into a seven game stretch in just 21 days, it offers Ange the chance to put a run together and build momentum. However, it also offers the chance to continue along the rocky road that could see our league title hopes extinguished.

Some Celtic fans have to reluctantly accept there’s no quick fix to our current situation. Like David and many other of his Australian counterparts, the manager needs to be backed and given the time.


  1. Let’s give Ange time
    Let’s wait until February then if we remain 6th in the table give the job to John Kennedy.
    Heard that plan before?


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