It has taken some time, but Italian police have managed to identify 17 Lazio ultras who tried their best to harm Celtic fans in Rome back during the Europa League away tie.

Celtic won 2-1 on the night which saw them sail through to the next round while Lazio eventually got dumped out of the competition.

The violence before the game was uncalled for and left two Celtic fans in the hospital. Videos of Lazio thugs penning in a bar and smashing windows to try and get to Celtic fans who were just enjoying their away day.

A police source told Sunsport: “Police Commissioner Esposito signed banning orders for 12 individuals who threw fireworks and glass bottles at Celtic supporters.

“Another five were given bans after being caught carrying weapons and objects of offence on the night of the match.”

Celtic haven’t been the only targets of these idiots and over the years many visiting supporters have had to put up with the violence surrounding Lazio.

It was in Glasgow they freely walked about making Nazi gestures and trying to cause trouble the police embarrassingly did nothing. The Scottish police taking a hands off approach to visiting fans.


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