NEIL LENNON was speaking like a man who intends to prepare his side for a Europa tie on Thursday night but branded some of his players ‘lazy’.

Celtic lost two goals against Hibs before staging a late comeback to make it 2-2 on the day. A result in isolation where you would give Neil the benefit of the don’t. However, in the context of this season, it speaks to a wider problem and the team not responding to his management.

Speaking after the game, he thought the game was exciting but was so disappointed with the defending and branded his captain ‘poor’ for giving away a penalty.

Speaking live on Sportsound, the manager said:

“It was exciting, really disappointing with the goals we gave away.

“We weren’t penetrating enough, a really poor decision from Scott and lazy second goal.

“Then for 25 minutes to go, we found our mojo and we got a point, which is not enough.

“It will do if we keep getting results like that.”

The manager didn’t name anybody apart from Scott Brown but it’s not the first time this season he’s called out the players. It’s not working and as we all know, the manager gets the flak and the responsibility when results don’t come.



  1. He can blame a different player every week if he likes. We are n trouble now and he is responsible. This is a very strong Celtic squad, performing very very poorly. I think he has list the respect of tbe players .


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