BRENDAN RODGERS is set to battle it out with the SFA over the inclusion of some if not all of his players from the upcoming farce friendlies against Peru and Mexico.

The ill-timed jaunt arranged by former SFA Chief Stewart Regan and now Celtic players face two friendlies on May 29th and June 2nd half way across the world.

Celtic’s season could potentially go up until the 19th May – after that, the players break off for a short three week break where they will be due back mid June to prepare for FOUR Champions league qualifiers.

These games make any real down time for rest and time with their families to bare minimum and it’s something Brendan is concerned about.

“We had a brief chat about it, in terms of the individual players, but I’ll speak to Alex more about that over the course of the next week or so,” said Rodgers.

“But we’ve had a preliminary discussion about it.

“It’s fair to say there has been a huge burden on our players this season, mentally and physically. It was a really short turnaround for the majority of them after last season. There are going to be some of them who need the recovery and rest. We will speak with Alex on that and see what’s going to be best.”

It may be favourable for some of Celtic’s long time injured players to take part in the friendlies – this means Rodgers might be keen for Griffiths, Armstrong and maybe Gordon to go.

The likes Kieran Tierney, James Forrest and Callum McGregor who have played so much football need a close seAlthough,ough , I’ll doubt you’ll see either complaining if the SFA ignores Rodgers pleas.


  1. These matches were clearly arranged for the benefit of the blazers and nothing to do with the playing squad.
    Regan and his cronies obviously fancied a nice trip to somewhere warm like South America.
    We’re aremt going to a tournament, so why aren’t we playing European sides to prepare for the nations cup?

  2. I disagree about the players who have been injured. Much better to get them back to full fitness here, rather than send them off with the risk of getting injured again. We have been without them long enough.
    All our players need at least a three week break.
    The SFA can stuff their friendlies ,just a jolly for a bunch who don’t deserve to be in the job.


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