MARYAN SHVED is heading to Celtic this summer with his stock higher than ever. The attacking midfielder is flying for his loan side ahead of his permanent move to Celtic.

He scored a dramatic late winner in the Ukraine cup and won player of the month in the Ukrainian league.

Shved has been unplayable at times and at this moment he looks like he could be an absolute steal for the bhoys if he can carry this form into his new Celtic career.

Speaking about the move and what the future holds, the midfielder is not short of confidence.

If Maryan turns out to be a player, could this resurrect or change some people’s opinion on Lee Congerton. With so many misses and not enough hits, could the chief scout be making us eat humble pie before he moves on at some point.

Lee has brought in some stinkers but from Brendan Rodgers admitting he knew nothing about Shved when he was first signed – it’s clear this was the scouting team who picked him up.

Shved could join up with Celtic before they break off for the summer where he could get acquainted with his new teammates.


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