Dermot Gallagher has branded Steven Naismith’s tackle on James Forrest as a potential leg breaker after replaying Sunday’s challenge.

The former whistler did not mince his words as he talked through the challenge on Sky Sports.

He also thinks Steven Naismith knew what he was doing when he stamped on Scott Brown and believed he should have walked twice for two outrageous challenge.

This throws further ridicule at the BT Sports pair Ally McCoist and Stephen Craigan who made light of both challenges during the game.

Ally McCoist spent a large part after the game trying to explain why the Forrest challenge wasn’t even a booking. Absolutely shameful stuff.

We should find out tomorrow if Naismith will receive retrospective action on either tackle as the referee did not deal with the incidents at the time.


  1. South of the border, this pair would not be in a job ,especially McCoist ,whose bias renders him unable to be objective.

  2. Naesmith shouldnt be n a football pitch,End Of.Its the Hun in him.Little Weasel needs a lengthy ban.And as for those pair a Bangers on BT Spirt,Disgraceful.Call themselves football men,Aye what effin Ever..These Animals need kicked out of football.They are an embarrassment to the sport.We already knew that,HH

  3. Listen guys hit bt sports where it hurts cancel your subscription and tell them why. If you really need to watch it live stream it

  4. As for craigan and mccoist, let’s not kid ourselves, they are insignificant. Craigan was one of the dirtiest defenders to play in Scotland, and there is a long list there! As for mccoist, well, he showed his class as a manager. naismiths stamp on both players were bad.The one on Brown was probably worse because he was about two seconds late and went away laughing leaving little doubt that it was 199% intentional. Really intelligent for a player of what is supposed to be experience. It really shows players up when they resort to this stuff. He was once a reasonable player but clearly he has lost everything, no vision, no skill set to speak of and no pace. The SFA have no option but to punish him and will probably make an example of him because they know he is going back to England in the summer to sit on the bench at Norwich.
    The linesman and the ref both had clear views of this incident. It has been clear this season that refs have allowed this stuff on Broonie by turning blind eyes, (no pun intended there), to a variety of deliberate potentially career ending stamps. You only need to also look at tackles on Tierney. He must be the most fouled full back in the history of the game, and yes, only in Scotland is this ignored. The mentality of the SFA and the Scottish media baffles me. They complain about Scotland having little talent, no-hopers as internationalists, yet they’d rather see players like Tierney and Brown suffer career ending injuries than stop the assaults on top players. This would never be allowed to happen to players of the new club in Scotland, or any of the retarded people in the home end at tyncastle on the weekend.
    Scotland deserves all it gets right now. Until the bigots grow up, or are replaced, our game is going downwards pretty fast.

  5. two blatant reds for Naismith ignored, Lafferty should have walked as well, threw a clear elbow whilst already on a yellow

  6. I wouldn’t count on the compliance officer doing the right thing here.
    I suspect he is as much of a coward as Naismith and his manager is.
    L’éveil is the one who instigated all these assaults on Broony. If I was related to him I would be utterly ashamed – a loathsome individual with cowardly intent. Ugh!

  7. Levein- although the computer’s predictive text nearly got it right in a Freudian slip (L’eveil – sounds like ?)

  8. This is the manager who was screaming for his school boy to be protected but he lets those two thugs go about with elbows and blatant assaults on our players what he should be asking is how they went to ibrokes and never tried a tackle the pair of them looked like they were out shopping with their lovers (was going to say wives) but you just dont know 😂 won again as they know so GIRFUT

  9. I blame that f-d Levein who has a weird fascination for Broony, i’m sure he has told them to get into Brown as he is the Celtic classic workhorse , will he last at Hearts as a woeful manager?.probably as the Hearts owner has a soft spot for him and cannot see how much a bad manager he is, if it was not for her he would still be unemployed


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