Legia Warsaw have had their appeal to be reinstated to the Champions League play-off round REJECTED by UEFA this afternoon.

The Polish side who had waged war on Celtic, blaming them for their own error and the subsequent UEFA decision will now go into the Europa League.

Celtic have maintained their silence throughout these proceedings, letting UEFA and Legia sort things out between them.

The only thing Celtic have done wrong in this whole affair is losing 6-1 on the field. Everything that has come after is due to Legia not having their own house in order with regards to the rules and regulations. Since being booted out last week, they have embarrassed themselves with an open letter and their chairman shouting his mouth off to anyone who would listen, knowing full well they scored a massive own goal.

Legia will no doubt take this to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, much like Sion did a few years back but that case would be very unlikely to take place before the Champions League qualifiers next week. So compensation would be all that is at stake when it does go before CAS.

This is by no means the most ideal way to progress in the Champions League but Celtic now have a second chance to reach the group stages which we must not pass up.

Celtic will fly out to Slovenia to face Maribor early next week.




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