John Hartson spoke most Celtic fans mind yesterday when he asked a BT panel of EPL cheerleaders why Brendan Rodgers would leave his dream job at Celtic. His ex-Celtic striker partner, John Hartson has just given the complete opposite response.

Sutton has come to punditry stardom by saying what is on his mind. Celtic fans won’t appreciate what is rattling around his head this morning.

Sutton may have a point about transfers and maybe tapping into some Celtic fans fears come the summer. Celtic are heavily subsidised with loan players. At this moment in time, all those loan players will leave in the summer. Boyata and Lustig look set to join them.

The question is if Brendan Rodgers feels he will be backed in the summer to fill the voids left by the departing crowd. If he isn’t backed and did leave, the Celtic board would certainly feel the backlash of Celtic fans. Rodgers has brought unprecedented success to the football club.


  1. Get a grip Chris. Brfendan is enjoying his time at Celtic. “Why”, as John Hartson asked, would Brendan leave Celtic, to manage a faltering team in the EPL. Let’s face it, with Leicester he wouldn’t get Euro football, and he’d be struggling with a team looking down the table. No Chris, the only way is up for Brendan, at Celtic.


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