LEIGH GRIFFITHS came on for Celtic in the second half against West Ham and was audibly jeered by a section of the support when the got on the ball.

The striker who just signed a new one-year deal with the club was sent home from pre-season due to an online incident that was investigated by Police Scotland.

The investigation found that there was no case to answer and Leigh was reinstated into the squad.

There have been many fans vocal online about Leigh’s actions and believe the player shouldn’t be turning out for the club any more.

Social media can skew perceptions but there was no doubt today there was audible boos by the support. There were then audible cheers from fans who were trying to drown out the boos.

It’s all a bit of a sideshow and not what we need if we’re going to compete this season.

Leigh will likely fall down the pecking order when Furuhashi completes his isolation.


  1. Any person who boos a player in a Celtic Shirt should stay away from paradise because you do not support the club, and to complement James Ferry you are cretins and not supporters

  2. I wouldn’t boo him but I have no issue with anyone who does.
    Just because he’s wearing a Celtic shirt that doesnt excuse his actions.
    You may not care what he has done but others do

    • Hope you are feeling better Moonshot. I heard you had some complications after the second covid jab.

      Who knows what’s in those clinical trial jabs.

  3. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”!

    Whatever moral issues Griffiths has to address in his personal life, he did not commit a crime in the eyes of the law. What this means effectively is that those paragons of virtue who booed him need to ask how they stand before God in respect to their own (hidden) sins. No one who truly knows himself is overly keen to condemn others for their failings, with the exception of the Pharisaical hypocrites of course. Celtic once had a support which was largely made up of practicing Catholics who understood this truth. Today it is largely made up of radical Socilialists hungry for vengeance, as has also been very evident in respect to Bolingoli.

    It’s what happens to a once-Catholic support when Soros-financed Marxism creeps in. the knee that once bent in reverence before God now bends in reverence to subversive BLM WOKE culture while the Green Brigade, by its political activism becomes a “Red Brigade”. It’s a sad transformation in recent decades, very far removed from the spirit of Brother Walfrid.

  4. A holier than thou support within the Celtic support. Amazing how they managed to try a man and convict him in the kangaroo court of social media, then carry out their sentence at a football match. Even the orange press and the cops didn’t do that ! An absolute disgrace and embarrassment, but Karma comes to all !


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