Aaron Griffiths, brother of Leigh Griffiths has claimed the striker is now a free agent.

Celtic had a clause in Leigh’s contract they could trigger to keep him on board for another season, but as far as CeltsAreHere are aware, that’s yet to be triggered.

This has gone so far down the line, the clause in the contract might have well expired at which point Leigh is technically a free agent.

Aaron quickly deleted the tweet but like all things on social media, once it’s out there, there’s no chance of putting the genie back in the bottle.


Leigh has been at the club for a long time but has struggled for game time as of late. Celtic’s lack of leadership and their farcical attempt to appoint a new manager has all played into Leigh’s contract running down with out proper guidance.

The frontman would likely love to stay at Celtic and continue his career with the Hoops but he must look out for himself and if the club aren’t forthcoming – he will surely need to make alternate plans.



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