LEIGH GRIFFITHS has been forced to come out and explain himself after The Scottish Sun posting images of him at the races down south yesterday.

The disgraceful red top salivated over the pictures of Leigh gambling, insisting he was out the Celtic team for a gambling addiction and he had likely relapsed.

Not that he should be forced to do so, but the striker felt compelled to set the story straight once and for all.

There has been a lot of speculation surrounding Leigh’s absence, and as he tries to go about his daily life, it must be hard to keep quiet when there are so many who want their pound of flesh.

Even had a gambling issue been the case, the way the Scottish Sun lapped up the story with eyewitness accounts, with one comment saying there would be ‘no way back’ for the striker after this has been shocking.

The person (Not footballer, not celebrity) is trying to face up to a mental illness. How is Leigh expected to get better with this sort of nonsense?



  1. Well said wee man,and don’t worry about the sun newspaper it’s an arse wipe of a rag and they have form of being a shower off nasty bastard’s HH

  2. Leigh dont let any of these shiteholes deter you from sorting yourself out first then come back even stronger for it and prove what it means to be a CELTIC LEGEND hat trick on ure old firm return praying for u m8 xx

  3. No need to defend yourself against that rag.
    Most recent folks would not glance sideways at it.
    Concentrate on getting well Liegh.

  4. The Sun is an offensive rag and full of innuendo and lies. Anyone who reads it needs their head examined as it is stopping you reading something useful. Rags like this are used by the rich in order to keep you from finding out the truth about how a small number of people control the rest.

    Look after yourself Leigh and come back healthy and stronger to those who miss you.
    Be careful of those so-called ‘friends’ who like taking pictures of you and posting them on the internet. The MSM have nothing of note to say as they could not bring themselves to report truth since it is not in their interests.

    Listen to the advice of real friends as you begin to discern who they are.


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