LEIGH GRIFFITHS destroyed a fan of The Rangers today at Glasgow Airport after the idiot (off screen) could be heard chanting ‘paedo’ at the Celtic striker.

Rather than get worked up by the all too familiar, sickening and moronic jibe that was sent his way, Leigh waded in with the ultimate home truth.

“Yer club’s deed mate, beat it!”

Leigh was at Glasgow airport heading out with the rest of the squad for a crunch tie against Rosenborg tomorrow night.

The player is expected to be fit for the game after coming through his first full training session unscathed since his injury scare last week.

The prolific striker does not mince his words and gave the ultimate retort after such an abhorrent comment.

Hail Hail Leigh!


  1. Good comeback line..but how sick are these morons.
    Something that happened in the seventies,LG wasn’t even born..disgusting
    WATP…..yes very sick people.

  2. There’s only one Leigh Griffiths. I’d love to see the slimeball call him a paedo behind closed doors with no witnesses or cameras about.

  3. Typical hun full a pure hatred more like jealous more like fucking moran. Leigh ho out tomorrow and puts these danes to bed HH YNWA

  4. To be fair to the fans of the new club, many of them sure seem to know a fair bit about paedos. They comment on them all the time. What is it the say about attack being the best form of defence?

  5. If rangers happen to win the league this season, records will show 55 league titles and counting. Funny that. What about drummer Rigby song,shame on you.


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