If you are like us, and you just can’t get enough! You will probably have seen many videos of the Celtic light show and You’ll Never Walk Alone which proceeded it.

It was a brand new addition to Celtic Park and after much criticism of the purchase of new lights, to see them in action was pretty cool.

Celtic and Leipzig fans witnessed the inaugural use of the lights in front of a packed Celtic Park and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

One Leipzig fan who made the journey brought his go pro with him and filmed some really detailed high-resolution video of it all taking place and it may be our favourite angle of Thursday night’s events.

Below you can watch the clip which starts with the lights flashing as the team sheet is read out, all the way through the light show and onto You’ll Never Walk Alone – which you can hear some of the Leipzig fans joining in during.



    • Yes guys I put my money in the box never took a poppy soldier I told him no offence free to wear or not guy said your choice why we fought so fgs keep quiet for a minute even if your outside waiting to sit Down don’t give the bias smsm a chance to say were not the best supporters in the World every night like Thursday has them spewing bile HH


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