Celtic lost their unbeaten start to the league today at Livingston. In fairness, Lennon did flag the game as a concern before a ball was kicked and unfortunately for him, his opinion turned out to be true.

Speaking in his post-match interview with Sky Sports the manager gave an honest opinion on why his team failed to pick up any points today and he kind of hit the nail on the head.

“We didn’t do the dirty bits, we were passive and we were poor in the final third. We didn’t have any clear cut chances to deserve the win today.

It’s a bad day and a bad result coming off the back of a European win”.

Lennon felt the red card was a turning point in the game but had no grievances about Ryan Christie been giving his marching orders after a needless tackle.

Another downside for Lennon is that his players will now leave for international duty and if Rangers manage a win at Ibrox later against Hamilton they will go top of the table going into the international break.

The highs and lows of a Celtic fan all squashed into four days.


  1. For the 2nd week in a row we’ve started the game off with10 men. James Forrest was non existent far too many games this is the case. The argument against this is even when playing so badly he pops up with a goal or an assist. My argument against that is if you have a player more willing and hungry we’re not waiting til the 80th or so minute for Forrest to do something. He gets away with utter murder getting a game every week hiding and not getting involved from the start. We need to start waking up to this fact

    • Without wishing to indulge in scapegoating Jamesie for todays result,i have to say i agree with you, Legend07.
      It’s been my opinion for quite some time. He seems to have lost that wee burst of pace too…maybe a bit jaded ? Lennon was a bit prickly in the post-match interview with Sky as well. A bit undignified i reckon.
      Thought Broony was AWOL today and almost looked sheepish.
      Livi done what Livi do,and they did it well,so fair play to them.
      They’re rough and ready,organised,committed and can play a bit as well..which is sometimes overlooked.

  2. Agree 100% with legend07, Forrest was in anonymous mode from the ko. Ajer culpable at first goal, loses the ball in midfield then stands off the guy who makes the killer pass for the goal, Forster has got to sense the danger from the kick out at the second goal. We were clearly rattled by the opposition tactics today and never at anytime looked comfortable in the game.

  3. Very poor today – we have to get that out the heads and move on. We’ve a huge season in front of us and we’ll definitely need to keep the head

  4. I’m not scapegoating big mick I have this debate/argument just about every week. He hides and as much as my argument get thrown back in my face when he scores or assists in the closing minutes of the game or like hamilton when he scores early then does absolutely nothing for the remainder of the game. If we had and we probably do have a player in his position that’s hungry and wants to be involved for the full 90 we won’t scrape as many games. He plays in a very important position for the team and therefor cannot be a passenger In The team. Enough is enough. We need to sort this NOW!!

  5. Voice of reason / devil’s advocate folks:

    It’s not impossible to imagine any of our players have underlying injuries affecting their performance.

    Crux of it is, Europe, League, Cups, we’re doing fine.

    Let’s just not start sucking each others Celtic Fix just yet. Things might be very different very soon. Relax and panic once it’s too late.


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