TOM ROGIC is back at the top of his game under Ange Postecoglou. The Australian is been a joy to watch this season, the way he collects the ball and makes the magic happen is unreal.

However, under Neil Lennon fans had forgotten what he was like under a top-class manager. When murmurings of a potential move away from Celtic surfaced, fans weren’t too dishearted about a potential departure.

Just like under Rodgers, we are seeing the best in the Socceroos international. Scott McDonald also thinks this, telling the Daily Record about how Rogic and Postecoglou’s relationship is helping him thrive.

“I’m not surprised Tom is a big player for Celtic again because he’s got a manager who believes in him.

He’s a player who needs full backing from his coach. That gives him the confidence and freedom to go and be himself.

You don’t get the best out of Rogic if you don’t let him be him.

Because of the relationship he had before with Ange, he also knows where the line is with him.

He knows what his manager wants and needs. That conversation would have been clear at the start when Ange got there

He’d have told Tom: ‘You’re one of the best players here, I believe in you, so get back to your best.’ And he has done that.

He has been tremendous for Celtic this season. It’s up to him now to keep that consistency going.”

McDonald then reveals why he believes the 29-year-old was not in the best form under Lennon.

“The relationship with previous managers didn’t quite work for him. I don’t think Neil ever really trusted Tom.

“You get that in football, it doesn’t mean anyone’s right or wrong. Tom just never fitted in under Neil.”

All that matters now is that Rogic is happy playing the football he is. It is clear to see the manager has faith in him, as do the fans. He has been a vital player for Celtic this season and he has been on top form. He will be hoping this continues into the second half of the season.



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