It has been one of the best kept secrets in recent times but what did Ally McCoist actually say to Neil Lennon after the fiery Old Firm tie which Celtic won.

During the game there was two Rangers sendings off, one Gers player red carded after the final whistle and some ridiculous challenges inflicted on the Celtic players.

As the Rangers team tried to butcher our player it would prove futile when Mark Wilson smashed the ball and Sasa Papac into the back of the net. We hear Sasa is still seeing stars.

ally-mccoist-296278416At the end of the game during the obligatory handshakes between the coaching staff, the then Rangers assistant manager Ally McCoist spoke into Neil Lennon’s ear to which the triumphant gaffer took offence and squared up to the Ibrox failure. The match was so heated a

The match was so heated a ridiculous summit was called by Politicians to discuss the goings on, with the media making sure it was Neil Lennon’s angry face plastered everywhere while the Rangers players and management who had disgraced themselves took a back seat.

When asked by former teammate Chris Sutton on his visit to Easter road this is what the Hibs manager had to say.

“It wasn’t what I said to Ally, it was what he said to me,” Lennon told Chris Sutton on BT Sport.

“I cannot remember now, it was a bit noisy that night, so emotions got the better of both of us and it made for good reading.”

Slightly disappointing from the former Celtic captain, he knows what he said, surely. Neil Lennon certainly had the last laugh as Rangers went bust and Ally had to be content with managing Sevco in the lower leagues.




  1. Of course he remembers. He was interviewed by Miriam O’Callaghan on RTE a few years back and stated he would reveal what was said at some point in the future. I’m not aware of nay deterioration in his mental faculties since then.

  2. Neil I’ll save you the trouble..Fatbaws whispered into your ear “You’ll never be a Tommy Burns”…Am I rite or rong Neil..That’s something that fat bastard will never be is that rite Sally..Ya obnoxious bastard..

  3. I have great respect for the charity work with Hospice Hospitals all over the country,but I think he let himself down on That day.
    If I was Neil I would charge the papers for continually printing That picture of him and donate the money to St.Andrews Hospice in Coatbridge Johnboy

  4. Shows class in my opinion.Perhaps McCoist comments to Lenny would show him in a pretty bad light and with professional respect he is keeping it to himself

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