Neil Lennon said all the right things when he managed Celtic nearly ten years ago. He said he would bring the thunder back and he delivered. He started the ten in a row and he could be back to finish it.

This time around Lennon showed time and time again in his first press conference how much of a tue Celt the Lurgan man really is as he said all the right things again. He knows Celtic fans are hurting since yesterday and here is just a few of the things he has said today to get fans over their hump on Celtic’s Live Youtube Channel.

Lennon started by saying his decision to take the job was a no brainer.

“This is a club that means a hell of a lot to me, as a player and a manager. As a manager I had four great years here, it’s a privilege. These opportunities come around once in a lifetime, for me, it has come twice.” 

On the changes that have happened at Celtic Park, Neil said…

“It will be nice to watch good footballers train every day, from that aspect it will be a joy”. I like playing attacking football, it is in the clubs DNA”.

“We have big game players in the building and I’m expecting their instincts to kick in now as we come to the business end of the season”

Asked if he had to bring thunder back like the last time the new manager knocked that notion back.

“The thunder is here, I don’t need to bring that back, I just need to bring trophies back”. “Obviously the fans are feeling a little bit agitated, I totally get that and it is up to me to try and soothe that”


Hopefully, Lenny’s comments have set you into recovery mode, a win at Tynecastle tonight could go along way to get Celtic fans and players back focused on the push for eight league titles and even a triple treble.


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