PATRICK ROBERTS has today added fuel to the fire he will be back in action much sooner than anyone expected.

The Englishman has been put through his paces in Dubai this week with Celtic and is feeling good after spending a lot of time indoors at the gym.

Many feared we wouldn’t see Patrick Roberts run out for Celtic this season when the injury was announced last year. It’s a testament to the tricky winger he’s ahead of schedule and looking to contribute to Celtic’s season as soon as possible.

“I want to finish the season strongly. I finished it quite well last year so that’s the main objective again. I’ve had a tough season with injuries and it’s about getting right and finishing as strongly as I can.” Said the Man City Loanee.

“We want to get as many points as we can and win as many trophies as we can.”


  1. Man City is without doubt the best team in the EPL and that is without Patrick Roberts featuring, surely with the monies Celtic has picked up through Champions League this year and possibly next year, plus money earned through transfers we can afford to buy him from his parent club?HH.

  2. Gerry,I”d even go as far as Stating,The Board owe it to the Support to get Patrick signed up on a permanent deal.He has been abreathe of fresh air to the team,And when he is playing.More often than not he is capable of making it happen.Great player.And he is Loved by Our Awsome Support.And he feels the Very Same About Them.Get Him Signed,Pronto..HH

  3. Paddy is a must for Celtic.We need him signed on a permanent deal.See this New Club in the Premier are going through financial difficulties and rumour has it this Itteration of the Deid Club are more than lightly going to go into Administration.If and When this does happen,As it seems they are on a Shoogly Peg.They should be shown no favoritism or Bias as The Spartans lost there place to this Disgusting Club.And rest assured the Spartans are not Cheats Liars or Criminals in there Boardroom.Scottish Football Association is an absolute Disgrace.The sooner this Club and its Vile Bigotted Fan Base is put out of its Misery,The Better.Because of These Peepel our Football is a laughing Stock.


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