SCOTT BAIN has tried to put the Glasgow Derby loss into perspective after the bhoys lost 2-0 at Ibrox last weekend.

Celtic didn’t really turn up on the day and didn’t look hungry enough for the win. It irked a lot of Celtic fans that the players put in such an inept performance at the home of our Glasgow rivals for the second game in a row but Bain believes the bigger picture is needed.

The Celtic goalkeeper has conceded the bhoys weren’t good enough on the day but he seemed to get a bit of amusement out of the fact the Ibrox players celebrated like they’d won a trophy. Bain believed the fact a club at Ibrox used to win trophies now just three points against Celtic is enough to keep them going.


Celtic are going to be crowned champions of Scotland for the 8th time in a row on Sunday and the 50th in our long illustrious history and Bain thinks it’s a testament to this Celtic side that beating them feels like a trophy win.

“Perspectives get blurred here when you lose an Old Firm game.” he told CelticTV.

“You’ve got a team celebrating winning a game against you like they’d won the league, which speaks volumes for our team.

“It’s perspectives. We’d already won the league and we’re going into the Scottish Cup final.

“We weren’t great on the day and they deserved to win.

“They also have the right to celebrate with their fans.

“But it speaks volumes for our team that that’s a team that used to celebrate winning trophies and now are celebrating winning MATCHES against us.

“The city can be blue for the day! But perspective comes into play the next day and we are going for another cup trophy.

“You’re not going to win every game. You just have to be respectful when you do lose and you hold your hands up and say, ‘We were not good enough’.


  1. Most quotes by great thinkers/ leaders come to mind when talking about football or internal class struggle. Mostly the educated world thinkers, are normally quoted ad nausium.

    But working class blokes like: Shankly-Stein-Clough-Paisley-Ferguson-Pele and Neil Lennon have great footballing minds. As they feel every goal, miss, disapointing result and victory, more than everybody else and can relate those thoughts amongst others by example, practical and heart raisingly simple words. So get off Neil’s back because of one away result against the foe.


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