LEWIS CAPALDI has shot to stardom with his music and his ability not to take himself too seriously on social media over the past year.

The Celtic fan who was spotted in Celtic pub St Vincent’s in Glasgow City centre just a few weeks ago seems to be enjoying himself after taking off in a big way.

The ‘Someone you loved’ singer doesn’t mind chatting with fans and is regularly snapped with them on social media. One ‘fan’ recorded he and Lewis in a bar singing his own song to him, kissing him on the cheek and then proceeded to say ‘We Are the People’ to the Celtic daft singer.

Lewis’ reaction was priceless as he looked at the guy before giving him a big hug. Probably because he knows how hard it must be to be an Ibrox fan nowadays. It was nice to see the singer sympathise with the over-affectionate lad.

True to form, Lewis doesn’t take the chant seriously.


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