Watching Celtic away from home in Europe is a lot like watching a Michael Bay remake. It never follows the original script and always makes you question why did I waste my money to come and see this? Our capitulation in Warsaw last night just added to our ever growing comical list of defeats on the road in Europe.

There are many reason for our horrific showing last night. The managers tactics for one, playing a man whose only match time in the last 6 months is a few games of fifa is laughable. But not everything can be blamed on Bonnie Delia, the performance of our defence was enough to give even Stephen king nightmares. I mean Usain Bolts remarks on the commonwealth games could also be used to describe our back line. Only two players in the team last night received pass marks, one of those players is Callum McGregor who over the pre-season and 3 UCL games has proved the old adage “If you’re good enough, you’re old enough” to be true. The other pass mark goes to Fraser Forster although the Great wall was unable to stop 4 goals from getting by him. The big man saved us from suffering a cricket score with an excellent wonder save and a vital penalty save.

Of course a defeat like this attracts attention and remarks from a opposing fans. However it was the remarks of our former manager Neil Lennon that really bugged a lot of Celtic fans (including myself) Although Lennon had amazing success in Europe. He also had some stinkers on the road! Utrecht & Sion spring to mind, so having a go at last nights result is a bit like Val Kilmer telling George Clooney he was a sh*** batman. Also his remarks about the board and it’s lack of ambition although maybe true is a bit laughable. Considering this is the same board who gave him the biggest job he’s ever likely to have in his career.

Now I don’t know if Celtic’s champions league adventure for the season is over. It wouldn’t at all surprise me If we managed to scrape through into the play-off round. But what I do know is not over is these away day heartaches. We have been suffering them for almost 15 years, and with no sign of them stopping it’s a lot like the cleaning of a house….

it never ends