Linfield Bottle it at Windsor Park

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LINFIELD was taken to task yesterday evening at Windsor Park by a Celtic team that didn’t get out of second gear – scratch that, they didn’t even put the keys in the ignition.

A Celtic side still finding their groove and fitness put two early goals past the North of Irish team and never looked back.

Scott Sinclair scoring the first goal was perfect, after the bonfire banners this week. The Englishman does what he does best and gets among the goals.

Tom Rogic put Celtic two ahead with a goal that was straight off a primary seven training ground team. The inept defending on show at the corner, the Australian didn’t have to be asked twice when the ball fell at his feet.

A string of saves from the veteran Roy Carroll kept the score at 2-0, but the game was never in doubt.

The sideshow off the pitch with the Linfield fans throwing missiles at several of our players was an absolute embarrassment to their club. A bottle of Buckfast landing so near Leigh Griffiths, he had to address it with the referee who instead of showing concern or asking for security to be tightened, BOOKED Griffiths for acknowledging it; I have never seen anything like it.

Leigh was kind enough to mark the turf that Celtic just conquered by tying a scarf to the goal. Bitter, grown men and teenagers who had been harassing the player all night would then try to get onto the pitch. The glorious 12th must be a distant memory for these troglodytes as their inferiority complex grows further thanks to an unrelenting Celtic side.

Brendan Rodgers side will see off this horrid bunch at Celtic Park next week.




  1. You see now what type of scumbag is making it’s way to paradise for Wednesdays return leg. These peepill won’t change, it’s only hatred that keeps them going, shouldn’t of gave them any tickets, would be a good idea to withhold the money until we see the damage to the toilets after the game. They are just like the blue inbreads of Glasgow. Until it the police the football authorities and every right minded person say enough is enough from scumbags like this we are going to be saying this again and again and again. it’s not to late to ban them. KEEP SECTARIAN & RACIST HATE MOBS OUT OF PARADISE.Hail Hail


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