CELTIC Legend John Hartson has been raising money for his cancer charity as the big man looks to raise awareness of testicular cancer.

John almost died of the disease with the cancer spreading to the former striker’s brain. The big man survived the ordeal and is now paying it forward in a big way.

The foundation is there to raise awareness testicular cancer is the most common type of cancer for men between the ages of 15-45. Although it’s very treatable it’s all about early diagnosis – something John didn’t have.

A fundraising night for the foundation seen some outstanding auction items but the most coveted of all would have been the signed Lionel Messi jesery.

The little Argentinian sent a shirt to John to auction of to help raise fund – a classy gesture.

Messi and John have one thing and common – they have both scored at the Nou Camp, although I think the weeman has scored a few more there than John.

It’s great to see the football world come together to raise money for good causes.

If you would like to read more about the John Hartson Foundation or even donate just visit their website. John Hartson Foundation.


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