It seems that every job vacancy that becomes available in the English Premier League has Brendan Rodgers name on it. Despite┬áthe Celtic boss stating over and over again, he is “living the dream” as the gaffer of his boyhood team.

Leicester City is the latest club to have an empty managers chair. Guess what? there is no way Brendan Rodgers can refuse a job in the greatest league the world of football has ever seeing. Thankfully, these stupid and ongoing job pairings seem to annoy the Celtic manager as much as it does Celtic fans.

The BBC asked the Irishman today if he was distracted before today’s game against Motherwell with all the talk of a move to the EPL.

Brendan Rodgers has done nothing but win trophies and break records since he took over at Celtic Park. He enjoys one of the largest and loudest stadiums in world football. He gets to manage in European football every season. Why on earth would he go to Leicester when he has said over and over again happiness is more important to him than money?


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