Alex Rae is not an impartial pundit. To borrow some phrases from Chris Sutton back when he brought Derek Johnstone down a peg or two; Alex Rae is a charlatan, a cheerleader, he has no credibility.

If you want to understand why, the latest sound bite coming out of SSB Clyde one will help.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics – Soccer Football – Men – Semifinal – Japan v Spain – Saitama Stadium, Saitama, Japan – August 3, 2021. Reo Hatate of Japan in action with Eric Garcia of Spain REUTERS/Molly Darlington

The former Ibrox player who earns a living talking about football ran down Celtic’s new signing Reo Hatate for having the gall to be versatile and play a number of positions.

Rae claims he’s not buying it and he sounds from that description he’ll be an average player.

Alex Rae asked to comment and pass judgement on a players he’s not seen play, has no idea about and running him down is peak Scottish football punditry.

It gets even better, when asked to comment on the new Ibrox signing James Sands, Rae then talks up the fact James is versatile and can play a number of positions.

Japanese based journalist covering Scottish football must be scratching their heads.

The best part about all of this is Alex will be none the wiser.



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