NEIL LENNON is upset with the referee and seemed perplexed by decisions that went against his side.

His team were out thought and out fought but that hasn’t stopped the Irishman from going for it in the post-match press conference.

Highlights of the interview include:

  • Benkovic should have been sent off.
  • Celtic had 12 men. (Including the referee)
  • Got angry when asked about arguments between the dugouts
  • Bemoans Celtic’s budget compared to Hibs.

We love Neil Lennon but he really can’t see the forest for trees if he thinks the referee has had any bearings on proceedings today.

The manager seemed very irritated by the line of questioning by the press and believed his side did well and could have done better if the referee ‘did his job’.

Hibernian had been above Celtic in the league but with today’s win at Parkhead the bhoys leapfrog Lennon’s side and have their eyes on the top of the table once more.



  1. Just listened to Neil’s bit of a rant and it sounds like he is quite upset at loosing to us, I remember him sounding off like this when he was at our club, It’s what managers do, they have to defend their club and the players although his choice of terminology for some of his players i.e. “Rejects” might be something that he regrets as this sort of comment could easily set up divisions within the dressing room. Neil is a very passionate manager and he wears his heart on his sleeve. Final point is that I applaud him for standing firm when the press tried to get him to react to their questions about a possible spat on the touchline well done Neil and a big HH to our bohys for another comprehensive win.


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