The footage of the non-penalty at Ibrox last night was quite the thing.

With the Ibrox club losing and becoming desperate for a goal they were gifted a penalty by John Beaton. Only he will know why.

BBC Sportsound were covering the game and to give you an indication on how bad the decision was to award the home side a penalty – listen to this.

Richard Gordon could not believe what he was seeing.

It was so predictable from where we were sitting. During the game, we published an article to accompany a video highlight of Brown’s goal at Ibrox. We wrote at the time:

‘It would be great to see Scott and Aberdeen hold on, but we don’t fancy their chances the more the game wears on, and the inevitable PENALTY TO RANGERS tweet that will likely hit our screens before the night’s out.’

We’re not prophets or psychics – we’ve just watched Scottish football for a very long time.

It’s actually funny Richard Gordon is surprised at all by the decision to give the home side a penalty.

If everyone’s being honest with themselves, the Ibrox club have stolen a point.

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