It was a question which raised a few eyebrows last night after Celtic’s heroics.

Rodgers walked into the press room for his post-match conference grinning from ear to ear but his delight soon turned to irritation when BBC’s Jonathan Sunderland tried to put a negative slant on the win.

Sutherland pointed out if the group table comes down to head to head between Celtic and Leipzig, the German side would go through. Completely ignoring the fact a draw or loss on the night from Celtic would have seen the bhoys Euro campaign all but over.

Rodgers is very calm and measured and he was again here, however, you can hear the annoyance in his voice when he has to answer such a negative question after such a positive night.

Thanks to the bhoys at the 90minutecynics for delivering the audio to Celtic fans to give us all a grasp of how Rodgers felt about the question.


  1. That midden they call Jonathan Sunderland should be sent back up too look after his sheep in the Highlands!. The three clown on his Sportscene program, which he is on of, are just there , as most pundits( not Sutton) are to please Thier free mason paymasters, andasksilly questions when they should be praising Celtic for what they have and are doing for Scottish football.! What an arse, and why do these same people not ask funny question at ibrokes, like where did the poppy money go??? Where did all Thier millions go? Who’s pockets were lined with money!! Dare not ask such question, in case of hand chopped off and could not crush buckles where they should!. Sunderland you and the other two clowns on your programs are just frustrated free masons, trying to make a name for yourselves. Very well done Brendan for putting him in his place. Put him in his sheep dip, Andheri will try and shake Thier tail thinking they are masons also. MIDDEN!


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