Andy Robertson has lifted the lid on his final months at Celtic Park when the now Liverpool defender was learning his trade with the Bhoys.

Speaking to Simon Ferry of OpenGoal Sport, the Champions League finalist revealed Celtic’s head of youth Chris McCart didn’t fancy him and even changed his position in the team towards the end.

Robertson is a massive Celtic fan and still is to this day, so you could imagine how gutted the youngster was when he was told Celtic would not be taking him any further.

“When Chris McCart came in I was playing centre-midfield the whole season and as he came in I kind of got moved over to left-mid.” Robertson revealed.

“I had never played left-mid for Celtic so then the last two months I kind of had a wee incline that I wasn’t maybe for him and it wasn’t going as planned.

“It was probably still a wee bit of a surprise but when they told me and when you look back on it the signs were there.

“For whatever reason it just never worked out. That was his opinion and I took it on the chin.

“It’s hard to get over and telling all your mates and family. It’s one of those things, it happens up and down the country.

“But it’s always hard when it’s the team you’ve supported.”

Robertson’s rise to fame since then has been nothing short of incredible. Instead of wallowing in self pity over his bhoyhood heroes discarding him he got back at it.

Soon the player was in the Queens Park first team, working hard to be noticed. A move to Dundee Utd would follow where the defender would again excel and use the rejection as motivation.

England came calling with Hull where Robertson became one of their top players and ultimately it ended up with him signing for Liverpool where the Scot has shown just how good he is and even made it to a Champions League Final.

It’s a fantastic story and certainly leaves a little egg on the face of Chris McCart.

However, it all worked out for the best in a way. Robertson moving on to make his own career path left the door opened for Kieran Tierney to come in eventually and become an absolute sensation for Celtic.




  1. Such is life. To be in Andies shoes. It proves that when life is shi7e, it pays to be positive. Cause when life turns to ashes, rebel and get stuck in and believe in your talent. As you only have yourself to blame if it goes tit’s up on you.


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