DOLLY MENGA and Livingston will NOT appeal the two-match ban handed down to the player for a headbutt on Ryan Christie during Celtic’s 0-0 draw with the Almondvale club on Sunday.

Menga’s petulant outburst has come back to haunt him and given his manager and teammates a headache now they must do without him for the ties against The Rangers and Motherwell who will no doubt benefit from his absence.

It was a strange incident where there were no signs of aggression or verbals before the Livi star thrusted his head towards Christie with the intent to land one on him.

At the time the referee spoke to both players but many have speculated he couldn’t have seen the headbutt or Menga would have walked at the time.

Ryan Christie spoke after the game about there being no place in the game for that type of behaviour and he was backed up by his manager Brendan Rodgers who insisted Menga should have seen red.

Not that it’s much consolation to Celtic at this point but the SFA have retroactively done their job on this occasion.



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