BBC Pundit and former Ibrox striker Stephen Thompson has admitted due to the lacklustre performances and drop in the level of performance, Celtic’s season will seem ‘underwhelming’ if they don’t clinch the double treble.

In his Scotsman article that actually hits some valid points on where Celtic are at compared to last season with regards to individual players and the hangover, some seem to have from the invincible run.

However, his notion that the gap is somehow closing is wishful thinking and to say a double would be seen as underwhelming as a whole is ludicrous but it’s where we’re at in punditry these days. Anything other than perfection and Celtic will be hammered for not delivering.

Thompson wrote: ‘As ridiculous as it may sound in normal circumstances when a team is in the position that Celtic are at this stage of the campaign, there is an argument to say that if they do fail to deliver the Scottish Cup and the treble, their season may be perceived to have been somewhat underwhelming.’

Do you agree?


  1. What’s “normal circumstances” then, eh Thomson? A down-at-heel Celtic being cheated out of titles and cups by a financially doped Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrangurrrsss?

    Wipe yer bitter tears on yer sash ya absolute walloper.

  2. One of these days someone will stop selling glue to these nomarks and the world will be a quieter and better place.
    Sevco must be thinking if that’s his attitude towards The Mighty Glasgow Celtic, we’ve been going 6 years not won a major trophy but we’ve got the petrolwank Cup. What’s he thinking of us lol

  3. Still waiting for the ball to enter the earth’s atmosphere after that penalty ye missed at snake mountain ya big streak apiss

  4. Still waiting for the ball to enter the earth’s atmosphere after that penalty ye missed at snake mountain ya big streak apis

  5. I am a Celtic fan and think StephenThomsons views area reasonable. I know I will be disappointed if we don’t win back to back trebles especially as it’s not been done before. Those of us who go to the games know we r not firing on all cylinders as we were last season. But we will still have a better season having qualified out of CL Group stages this season .
    For what it’s worth I also think Thompson and Michael Stewart are the best pundits in Scotland which is surprising as they also work for the BBC.

    • We should look at the valid points pundits make and not just rubbish everything they say because we disagree with a couple of things. Given the gap between us and the rest, in terms of depth of talent, I will be disappointed if we don’t do the treble.

  6. I think he is spot on with what he said. We should be walking the double treble. Just a couple of inconvenience ‘s to overcome and it’ll be done. Then regroup for a he treble treble. 🍀🍀


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