Footage emerged online showing Steven Gerrard in the Celtic Park tunnel as his side prepared to do battle with the very best team in Scotland and well, he looked like a man out of his depth.

The footage, which was posted under a BBC 5 Live Sports conversation between Chris Sutton, Paul Ince and Ian Wright shows the Ibrox boss looking more than nervous as both teams lined up ready to go.

A rousing version of You’ll Never Walk Alone bellowed out around Celtic Park just before the camera cut to Gerrard – a song that would usually make the Scouse feel at home.

Gerrard once famously described the noise at Celtic Park as deafening and when he played on the turf as a player for Liverpool he was lost in proceedings for quite some time – such was the ferocity and passion of the home support.

I wonder if his players sensed his trepidation.

The Ibrox gaffer set up against Celtic like he was afraid of what they could do and as much as his team tried to stop the bhoys playing, it just wasn’t enough.



  1. “Footage emerged online … ” FFS, it was on Sky before the game and he hardly looks to be quaking in his boots! What a shite, clickbait piece of bolloxs. fuck off!

  2. He’s a stupid stupid muppet who is out of his head thinking his bunch of feckin muppets will ever beat the Famous Glasgow Celtic
    Foul foul foul foul he cried, he’s a joke, his bunch of clowns are a joke.
    His tribute act are now 7th and will be lucky to finish in the top six
    Going for 55 my @rse
    The rangers are coming, don’t make me laugh
    They can fuck right off
    Hail Hail

  3. I though watching it on Sunday he looked nervous , but anyone would be inervous ncluding our own players. Nerves are natural in these scenarios , some are better at masking it than others. Gerard’s been in big games before so he’s used to the feeling, but the derby atmosphere in Glasgow can unnerve anyone


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