Lubo Moravick has earned a few boos and hisses from the dark side of Glasgow this Tuesday after the former Celtic player claimed the Ibrox side are there for the taking next season.

The little genius was talking to Mark Wilson on the Celtic Huddle Podcast and was asked about the rebuild at Celtic.

Lubo was part of a side who were on their knees with a twenty point deficit once upon a time only to come back the following season to win a famous treble under Martin O’Neill. While we don’t expect the transformation to be as drastic, there’s cause for optimism if Celtic go about their business right this summer.

Lubo said: “It depends on the transfer market and the quality of players [the new manager] can bring in,”

“We need players who can play quick and are technically good.

“I watched Rangers against Slavia Prague twice, and Rangers for me are not such a strong team. It’s a good team, but I don’t think it is a team full of stars or great players.

“It’s very solid because they have worked hard with the coach and the manager, but I think Celtic are 23 points behind because this season it was over very early. In December it was finished for Celtic.

“It’s not going to be easy, Rangers dominated the league this season. But I saw that their last five or six results were 1-0 or 2-1. It was not 5-0 or 6-0.

“I don’t think it’s impossible to catch Rangers next season, I think it’s possible with a new manager and new players and attractive football.

“It must be attractive football, that’s the most important thing, because I hope that fans will be back in the stadium and that will also motivate the players for the new season.

“Celtic are going to be a better team, I’m sure.”

The newly crowned champions have been solid but not scintillating, they’ve eeked out a lot of results and had a good rub of the green when it comes to red cards not being spotted during games and given their squad doesn’t have many internationals, the COVID impact was not felt as harshley.

If I’m playing devil’s advocate, I’d say it is the mark of a good side that can always find a way to win. It’s up to Celtic to counteract this effective looking side built over a period of three years.

We can’t possibly be as bad next season and with a new influx of talent we must look to challenge as best we can


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