A Celtic Fan has lucked into one of the best views you’re likely going to get if you don’t have a ticket for the Rosenborg game tonight.

Celtic are in Norway for the crunch Europa League tie in what could be a monumental night for the club should they get a win.

As usual, Celtic fans have travelled in their thousands to the game and are all setting up shop Trondheim ahead of the match/

Celtic fan Liam Kearney checked into his room then looked out the window to see he had a view of the whole stadium!

The nearside stands roof is just blocking the goal but other than that, if it’s too cold to go out in Trondheim tonight then someone go chap Liam’s door and watch the game from the comfort of his room

We think he should live stream the game for people who don’t have BT Sport!

Or at least invite Marvin Compper round.


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