MIKAEL LUSTIG has cleared up a misunderstanding which has seen Derek McInnes look a very sore loser after the Dons Hampden defeat on Sunday.

After the game, McInnes approached Lustig and pointed the finger at him for trying to wind up young Lewis Ferguson but the Swedish defender had no desire to wind up the Aberdeen youngster.

Lustig said he ran towards Christie who scored the winning goal and Ferguson was close to the player.

Speaking about any bust-up the Celtic star claimed he and McInnes had a few words during the game and thought when he approached at full time it was something to do with that.

Graeme Shinnie and the Aberdeen gaffer came off as bad losers as they tried to tear into Lustig and Brown over the incident.

Here is Lustig’s take.

“They said I went for the 19-year-old boy but I was screaming at McInnes because we had a little bit of banter at a throw-in.” told SunSport.

“Sometimes you maybe are not happy about things after. But it is all down to emotions and I’m not going to run out there just to be a nice boy.

“If they feel a little bit sad about it then I apologise. It was a final and there was a trophy to win.

“We are never going to be best mates.

“For us at Celtic, it is all about winning. If we have to win ugly then we have shown we can do it.”

Celtic won the game 1-0 in a gritty affair on a wet, cold Sunday afternoon. Brendan Rodgers’s trophy run is now at seven and looks no signs of stopping.


  1. Sour Grapes from McInnes and Shinnie.Surprised that Dweeb Logan wasnt bumping his gums aswell.Normally its him thats shouting he has been racially abused…..HH…A greeting Hun is a Typical normal Hun.Its not as if they have lots to smile about.


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