MIKAEL LUSTIG is known for his sense of humour.

Over the years the Celtic defender has done many whacky things on and off the field.

During the course of his Celtic career, Lustig has worn beachballs and police hats on his head among other things.

While the Swedish star is off on international duty his wife Joesfin Lustig thought she would share a picture of the Celtic star getting in the way of her picture where she’s trying to look glam!

We’ve all seen these photos on our Facebook people posing in front of a mirror and taking 100 pictures, hoping to find one they like to post on their social media.

Instead of waiting until his wife was done, the bold Lustig went straight for the toilet and got in her photo.

Who said romance is dead?


  1. Apparently the photo has been sent over to ayebrokes as an instructional guide for their fans on how to properly use toilet facilities.


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