MALKY MACKAY is the latest manager to take a swipe at Celtic in what’s becoming a common theme.

Robbie Neilson crying for over a week and a massive media spotlight on a marginal decision going Celtic’s way two weeks ago.

Graham Alexander claiming Celtic shouldn’t have had a free-kick that led to their goal, and now Malky Mackay claiming the referee was playing on until Celtic scored.

What’s going on?

Celtic scored a 97th minute winner thanks to Anthony Ralston heading home from close range. The added time was neceserry because Carl Starfelt received prolonged treatment on the pitch earlier in the game because of a rogue elbow to the face. Include, subs and Ross County’s goal and there was plenty to be added.

Don’t let that get in the way of your sour grapes though.

“I’m more disappointed for the boys than anything else.” Malky Told Record Sport.

“I thought they were terrific tonight and i’m proud of them in the way they played, and they way they pressed Celtic in the second half.

“The challenge in the second half was to be brave and press high and we did cause them issues.

“We fought right to the last. It’s interesting that it’s the seventh minute of added on time that the referee gives that they score in.

“It seemed to be as if we were playing until they scored to be honest with you.

“I think you saw the relief from both their management and their fans at how happy they were to leave with anything.”

Malky fails to mention Carl Starfelt’s undeserved red card that could have been catastrophic to Celtic’s title hopes on the night.

If Celtic win by the odd goal, we’re going to continue to see this sort of narrative play out.


  1. Awww poor Malky, tough sh1t son. The moaning whining Makay (better known for his off camera comments, remember Cardiff???) is typical of a team that could still be playing, waiting on a goal. Malky, away and get yourself some hankies. Whining Makay, fair makes my day watching the tw@t. Oh what fun we’re having.

  2. Usually the team with 11 men on the park would be gaining the advantage against 10 men the longer the game went. My goodness Malky you do talk some rubbish, Celtic deserved to win that game, they showed what team spirit is all about and overcame a very dodgy referee and the muscular tactics from the county team.

  3. Seriously Malky relax man. I watched you on the touch line. You’re gonnae have a heart attack if you carry on like that. Man up and accept the result.


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