A video surfaced on social media on Sunday of A-List American rapper Macklemore wearing a Celtic shirt at a New York show. At the time, it seemed most random but now, there has been some logic put behind it.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, Kate Deegan from Ireland revealed that she and her husband gifted the rapper the shirt. Macklemore’s real surname – Haggerty – was printed on the back along with the number 83, alluding to the year in which he was born:

It was given to one of his staff, who passed it on to the man himself. Clearly, Macklemore liked the top, or else he wouldn’t have worn it.

He is not the first well-known rap star to don the Hoops, with Snoop Dogg having done so many years ago. Celtic are known worldwide, and instances such as these go far in furthering the Scottish champions’ legacy across the globe.


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