BOBBY MADDEN will be in charge of proceeding in two weeks time when Celtic go head to head with The Rangers for a place in the Scottish Cup Final.

Celtic fans have long protested Madden’s involvement in such games, claiming the whistler cannot be fully impartial.

Especially when you look at some of the decisions he’s given or not given Celtic in recent years.

The most glaring coming in the fixture between the two sides when Clint Hill mowed down Leigh Griffiths in the box on the 90th minute only for the whistler to wave away a penalty claim. Costing Celtic all three points on the day.

There are very few referees a lot of Scottish football fans trust when it comes to officiating games, such is the poor standard of refereeing.

Celtic go into the semi final in the quest for a double treble.


  1. This mad man should never referee a Celtic game ,never mind a sevco’s against us.!! He is a bigot, a free mason, and a shareholder at ibrokes! Celtic have got to make sure they score “clean cut ” goals, or this midden will find some way too prevent us winning! But he is just the same as the rest of the refs, all thier meetings are held in either an orange club, or one they ask your granny’s age!. Scottish football at its bitter best! Go on Cels, beat them again, and make them sick, even more sick than they were when we beat them with ten men, quick to me is better than beating them 4/5 nil. Hail Hail.

  2. Time to clean out the Orange from Scottish football. This Ref has proved he is not neutral.The same goes for Linesmen.
    Time to clean up the Match Official side of the Scottish game. I reckon the first chance we get we should get out of Scottish Leagues if the Officials Lodge is no closed down

  3. HH Same Old Same Old fed up hearing this it is time for CELTIC TO MOVE OUT OF Scottish Football as all proof is there for all to SEE. year on year same problems wee all know about SFA ARE ALL INVOLVED as they put refs into there games. hh ktf

  4. Bobby fucking mason season ticket holder Madden gets to ref the semi-finals at the corrupt hampden sfa they had 13 men on the park at liebrox and yet 10 men Celtic still beat them mr ross the linesman just couldn’t hide his hatred and was more our less shouting at wullie collum hurry up wullie get that fenian scum off so hopefully all our players are up for it at hampden its a wider pitch to run at these cunts but bobby madden cant be trusted after the Griffiths pen was not giving and everybody watching that game said it was a stonewell pen so lets see what colours b madden has on under his black ref shirt…WATP ,NO SURRENDER EH..SCUM CHEATING BASTARDS SFA AND OFFICIALS AND THE RANJURS..


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